The “Erotokritos” by the poet Vicentzos Kornaros from the time of the Cretan Renaissance (around 1600) is now available in digital form.

This site provides the entire application of the digital disc “EROTOKRITOS: As the disc spins”. CD-ROM (PC / MAC). Dia M. L. Philippides – David Holton – John L. Dawson. Athens: Hermes Publishing, 2013.

ISBN: 978-960-320-218-9.

With the advancement of technology the contents of the CD-ROM have been transferred to the Internet,  and are now available with open access (registration required).

The new electronic edition (2021) is a joint initiative of Hermes Publishing and the three authors of the CD-ROM. The text of Erotokritos from the critical edition of Stylianos Alexios posted with the kind permission of his heirs, Mrs. Katerina and Maria Alexiou Hatzaki.

The technical development of the site was generously funded by Publishing Hermes.