About CD

This website gives the reader-user the possibility of direct access to the entire text of Erotokritos (9,982 fifteen-syllable verses): the text of Erotokritos, based on the edition of Professor Stylianos Alexios (3rd improved reprint. Hermes [New Hellenic Library], 1992), and all the glossaries in the four-volume work of Dia M. L. Philippides and David Holton (with the technical assistance of John L. Dawson), The cycle of filming: Erotokritos in electronic analysis (Mercury, 1996-2000). Between the text and the lexical tables have been added, thanks to modern technology, almost a million hyperlinks, by which the reader-user is transferred very quickly from one table to another, or from the text of the poem to the tables, and back again.

The site is intended for a general audience. As an example, we mention that philologists and linguists will be helped in examining the language of the Erotokritos text. Literary critics and scholars will be assisted in analyzing Kornaros’s style (in matters such as the use of repeated expressions, narrative structure, characterisation) and in studying his verse-making technique. Those interested in folkloric and anthropological subjects can trace specific words, phrases and ideas, revealing the temperament of the poet and the climate of his time. The site also has educational applications: university students and high school students.